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It is starting to feel warmer out, which means it is the perfect time to open your windows and tackle your spring cleaning. These tips for cleaning your floors are easy, fast and the perfect way to make sure you are keeping your floors in tip top shape.


Sweeping and vacuuming (with a non-beater bar) is usually the perfect way to keep your floors clean, but sometimes they need a little more TLC. To give your floors the perfect deep clean, remove all furniture from the area, utilizing felt pads to avoid any scratches. Once everything is removed, sweep and vacuum to remove any debris. After vacuuming, use a cleaner designed for hardwood floors, avoiding any DIY vinegar-based cleaner. Stay clear of any steam mops or buffing machines and leave that to the professionals! You do not need to deep clean often, so save the hardwood cleaner for once or twice a year when needed.


Laminate requires little maintenance, but you want to make sure you are using the proper cleaning tools. Like with hardwood, use a dust mop or vacuum (again without a beater bar) to remove loose dirt. Make sure you are using a quality cleaner made specially for laminate floors. High temperature cleaning aids and excessive water can cause damage to your floors, so make sure you are using products that are laminate floor approved.


Deep cleaning your stone composite flooring is pretty similar to both laminate and hardwood. Make sure you never use bleach, ammonia or any high-PH detergents. Make sure you use a microfiber mop and that any cleaner you are using is not pooling on your floor. For using a cleaner on ANY surface, less is more. Always ensure that any excess liquid is cleaned up immediately and that your space has ample drying time.