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You want to get that floor upgrade, but you’re not sure which color would best suit your home. It is important to choose a floor color that brings out your home’s aesthetic and mood, but it can be very hard to choose. Color and pattern can be vital elements in our lives and homes. We relate to them at aesthetic and emotional levels.

A rug or runner is a great place to start when looking to bring color into the home, it sets the tone and anchors the space. It is all about balance and contrast when it comes to picking out the perfect floor for your home. Here are a few tips to use when searching for the perfect floor color for your space.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Floor Color

1. Consider the Size of The Room

Lighter floors are best if you have a small room. The room will appear brighter and more spacious. A large space will appear even larger. The lighter the floors, the bigger the space will look. Similarly, pairing a room with a light interior with darker floors gives the sense of a bigger space in the room.

2. Consider the Amount of Natural Light You can Get

An essential base from which to kick off a color scheme is the element of contrast. Lighter interiors are accentuated by darker floors. In a naturally dark room, a light floor color would be most suited to brighten the room to contrast the darkness. If your room gets lots of natural light, then you have the luxury of choosing any color that matches your preferences.

3. Color of Your Furniture and Finish

If you have lots of furniture in different tones and colors, it can be particularly tricky. The floor is meant to be a backdrop for the house décor rather than steal attention from your carefully chosen pieces. For this reason, most people opt for neutral colors such as gray, which is easy to coordinate and color scheme around.

4. The Mood You Want to Create

The biggest question to be answered is what mood do you wish to create? A formal feel can be created by darker flooring in cool tones. It gives off a cool and serious atmosphere.

If you want your room to look and feel cozy, then darker colors in warm tones are your go-to. Pale floor colors will make your room feel more airy and bright while the cooler tones make it more formal-looking. The mood you want to create will therefore influence your choice of floor color.

5. Whether To Match Existing Flooring

Floor colors that run throughout an interior enhance the feeling of spaciousness and provide a truly seamless feel. However, if you choose to have it vary from one room to another, choose color tones that complement each other. It is better to go for contrast from room to room if you are remodeling, rather than go for a close mismatch.

Above all, choose a color that responds to your personal preference, a color that you will love and enjoy seeing in your home. The choice that enhances the feel of your space, in your own opinion, is the best for you.