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Although this holiday season might look different for you, you might still be (safely) having a small amount of guests over or your family in town. Here are 7 simple tips that can “Holiday Proof” your home and protect your floors!

1. Utilize Carpet Runners

Pick up some inexpensive carpet runners for high traffic areas like your kitchen, hallways, entryways and dining room. This will ensure that any spills will be caught by the runner and not your flooring!

2. Use Furniture Pads

If you are going to be moving around furniture for your Christmas tree, to make room for holiday decor, or rearrange for guests, make sure your furniture has on felt pads. This will ensure that your floors are not being scuffed or scraped while moving the furniture. These will also help to make sure that if the furniture is moved by guests accidentally, there is some space between the furniture legs and your beautiful flooring.

3. Have your cleaning supplies handy!

Because certain flooring is more susceptible to liquid, make sure that you and your guests are cleaning up any spills as soon as possible. Spills that are left for long periods of time could damage your floors.

4. Ask gusts to remove their shoes upon entry

Although this may seem like a big ask, scuff marks from heeled shoes are a big no no for your flooring. Guests might also track in mud, snow or outside debris that could also cause damage to your floors. Invest in a shoe rack that you can set up next to your door to encourage your guests to remove their shoes when inside.

5. Mats at front entries

Make sure all the entries that guests are using have mats in front of them. This will catch outside debris that might be on shoes and heels. It will also encourage guests to wipe of their shoes before entering!

6. Rug under dining room table

If you do not have a rug under your dining room currently, it might be a good idea to grab one before the holidays! This will catch any food or drink spills that might damage your flooring. This is an especially good tip for kids!

7. Place trash bins in the open

This will be helpful if guests will be eating and drinking throughout the space and will encourage your guests to discard their leftovers quickly after finishing. This will limit the amount of accidental spills caused by drinks and food left on tables and counters.